SERES as Prime

•USACE Savannah – 5 SRM (with incidental environmental) IDIQ’s

•NAVFAC Southeast – ETS IDIQ

•JB Charleston Environmental System Support

•Robins AFB SATOC for Engineering Support

•EPA Hazardous Waste Management IDIQ

•GSA Schedule Holder

•NAVFAC Midlant -- Service IDIQ

•USACE Omaha ERS C Contract

•USACE Louisville  ERS IDIQ

•US Army 81st Readiness Division BOS Contract

SERES as Managing Partner

•USACE Baltimore AE HTRW – SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Baltimore AE HTRW – 8(a) (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE New England AE HTRW – SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Baltimore MAES – SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Louisville ERS – 8(a) (SERES-Alliant JV)

•USACE Kansas City ERS – 8(a) (SERES-CAPE JV)

•USACE New England SATOC – 8(a) (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Philadelphia ERS – 8(a) (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•GSA Construction IDIQ -- (SERES-SBG JV)

•USACE Tulsa ERS – 8(a) (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Baltimore Planning – 8(a) (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Huntsville MEGA --SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Baltimore JBA ORC – SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

•USACE Mobile IDC AE Services- SB (SERES-Arcadis JV)

SERES as Partner

•USACE Los Angeles UXO Clearance Activities for NTC, Fort Irwin CA - (Koman-Seres JV)



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